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planes. earlier today, i spoke with alice hoglin. she's the mother of the victim of 9/11 and her reaction to the new tsa policy is quite visceral. >> this unwise move by the tsa is a slap in the face to the fellas who stood and faulgt. >> the move alice is talking about is the new policy that allows holding knives with blades that are less than 2.3 inches long and half an inch wide. >> they were able to charge up the aisle and take back control of their lives. if they would have had a few more minutes and a couple hundred more feet of altitude, i think it might have turned out differently for them. >> when she heard of the tsa's new policy, she tells me she was horrified. >> to completely turn our back on the possibility that a plane could be hijacked with low-tech items is to condemn ourself to repeat history. i don't want that. i don't have anymore sons to give out. >> tsa has been embarrassed by the amount of small knives that are getting through the security screening. >> i think they are doing it to make themselves look better so they won't be so badly beaten up by the press and by l
alice waters tweeted the cafe may re-open next weekend and we are now getting word the fire started near some electrical equipment under the building. the iconic restaurant is located at shattuck avenue and we talked with her. >> reporter: she went into her restaurant to take a look at at the damage and emerged shaken. >> it has a lot of emotional -- just sadness. >> that emotion came in part because walking through the damage today was like walking back in time, back to march of 1982, when a fire damaged the restaurant. the improvements made since likely saved the entire building today. firefighters say the fire started underneath the building in the subfloor area. when the fire broke out went up the side of the building and broke out those windows that is when the sprinkler system likely went off. a sprinkler system alice waters says she didn't want but agreed to after the builder insisted. >> if anything goes wrong it is go tong save the porch and it did save the restaurant this time because it flooded. it just flooded the porch. >> and that gave firefighters the advantage they neede
emotional chef alice waters talks of the fire and damage at a berkeley restaurant this morning remembering another fire there 30 years ago this month. good morning, i am kristen sze. >> the owner of the world renowned chez panisse is promising to get her beloved restaurant back in business quickly following that early morning fire. abc7 news reporter kira klapper is live. a sprinkler saved the restaurant? >> that is right. in fact, one little sprinkler at the front of the restaurant saved the entire building from going up in flames. look at this damage. we just learned that chez panisse will be closed through the weekend. customers are saddened this treasure, this famous destination where california cuisine began is damaged. the most heartbroken of them all is founder, alice waters. >> i feel shaky, but i'm...i'm just glad no one was in the building. >> acclaim chef is finding good in the fire that burned only the dining area of chez panisse. she knows it could be worst she cannot hold back the tears thinking about this part of the restaurant that had been there since she founded the world
? >> reporter: janelle, alice waters said that she feels that part of her has burned down. the owner is trying to find the silver lining to it all. it's no longer there. it's gone. it's -- it's the piece of art that has been taken. >> reporter: a heart broken alice waters describes the damage to the world famous restaurant. fire broke out under the porch of the down stairs dining room early this morning, destroying the front of the restaurant, built 42 years ago. >> it has redwoods and all the things we are not using anymore. i'm broken about it. >> reporter: firefighters are still trying to pin down the exact cause. but say it appears to be electrical. it started in an area where wiring controls the restaurant's lighting and heating. fortunately a sprinkler in the stopped the flame from spreading. >> the rest of the building had minor smoke damage but for the most part it's in-tact. >> the fire left foodies, customers and locals pretty shaken up. >> i was in disbelief and now i'm shocked. >> reporter: these woman traveled a long way to eat at this restaurant and found it destroyed. >> i trave
know, jill was very cold, and we wanted to speed it up. >> and you. well, the first woman is alice from maine. she told us she hasn't cut her hair in 20 years because she hated the last haircut she got. >> oh, wow. >> she was finally ready to try again. that's another story. >> she holds a grudge. >> haven't cut your hair in 20 years, and you want to do it with us. >> yes. >> thank you. tell us why. >> i am almost 44 years old, and i want a new look. >> and you watch the show, you said, every thursday for ambush. >> i watch it every day. >> and you actually said that you're ambushing your husband because he didn't know you were going to do this. >> it was a surprise when i called him and said i was picked. >> are you ready? i know we're going to donate your hair. are you ready to make a big change? >> i'm ready for anything that they're willing to do. >> wow. >> those are fighting words. >> don't tell us that. >> she is here with her friend carrie who has her blind fold on. this is alice before. >> all right, alice. >> let's see the new you. >> oh, my god. oh, wow. all right. >> stop it
will likely remain closed. a sprinkler system protected the rest of the restaurant. the owner, alice waters told reporters she's thankful no one was hurt and said the restaurant she co-founded in 1971 will reopen. >> it's just really important that we rebuild. i'm sure we're going to have support of the insurance companies. >> waters says it could open as early as next week there. is no word on what caused this fire. it's not the first fire to damage the restaurant. 31 years ago another blaze started in a fireplace causing more extensive damage. >> happening now san francisco medical examiner is trying to determine how a man died before his body washed up on marshal beach in the presidio just hours ago. crews recovered the body. someone reportedly spotted a body a little bit earlier. >> the alleged drunk driver accused of running over and killing a san francisco teenager last saturday was back in court today. the 28-year-old pleaded not guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and dui. police say he had a blood alcohol level of fth.09. the accident happened on her 17th birthday. >> the san j
we? >> alice never fell down a rabbit hole. and the white queen's cause stick judgments are not really a threat to your security. or has america the beautiful become alice's wonderland. no, no, said the queen. alice said loudly, the idea of having the sentence first. hold your tongue, said the queen, turning purple. i won't, said alice. released the drones, said the queen. >> he was obviously quoting "little red riding hood," the eb johnson classic. for more let's go live to "red eye" congressional correspondent, shy goat. sg? >> you are adorable, shy goat. don't be shy. we love you. >> jedediah, do you stand with rand or do you smolder withholder 1234. >> i love ron paul. i thought this was amazing. the alice in wonderland part was great. the way he acted it out. he has talent. he is impressive. he does what most people wouldn't do. most senators wouldn't even think to do this. they wouldn't spend their time fighting for an issue like this. it is easy for barack obama to hold this. he says we don't want americans to be killed on american soil with drones unless we are u
is extensive. but -- chef alice waters tells kron 4 the restaurant will reopen kron4's justine walmdan is live tongiht at the scene of the fire. justine? >> reporter: people cannot believe that this restaurant in berkeley burned. they are going to abort this up and make it safe. it is busy in the very emotionalism alice waters said that she promised that they will rebuild. >> i am heartbroken. >> chart floors, stained and a crushed alice waters. higher overnight. he believed to be electrical. the eating area is badly burned. the bulk of the space and the kitchen is fined. >> the rest of the building is flying. i am hoping within this next week. >> what a shame. >> a berkeley icon since 1971 dozens of people stop, the restaurant to see the damage. >> we came from las vegas just a couple of hours ago. the plan was to be here for lunch. it is horrible! >> it is a berkeley institution. not only is a hugely important for the local people but this restaurant is known of literally throughout the world. >> reporter: a sprinkler system save the structure from burning to the ground. as alice waters cont
november v12-148 alic lam verses the zoning administrator, the project at 2529-2533 post street, protesting the granting on november 15, 2012 to kevin weil and christopher daughtery at rear yard and non-complying structure variances removal of the replacement of existing decks and exit stairs in the rear of the three story. and three family dwelling. attorney you have three minutes. >> before my time starts, i wonder if i might do a housekeeping thing and i have discussed it with the zoning administrator and the architect, the variance decision letter has nine errors of direction in it. and i wanted to hand up a copy that is corrected and so that you could correct your copies. the directions are incorrect throughout the letter. >> you need to hand it to mr. pacheco. >> i am not really, what do you mean by nine errors of direction. >> for everything that says south, should be west. >> everything that says north should be south. >> and what does the zoning disaster have to say to that? >> thank you, the plans that we reviewed had the project north and that has been put on the overhead, the sa
. >> any other questions for miss -- alice or slooi a, any comments on this item? >> i'm not sure how procedurally this should work but she should be provided this in writing for documents she's trying to obtain which are personal to herself. >> is there a reason this can't be provided in writing? >> there is no reason. but when we are sitting down in the meeting with the individual and they sat down and answered the question i didn't see there was a reason to follow up conversation and she said she was content with what she'd seen and i didn't find any reason to follow up with a letter. i didn't. >> is there any reason why we can't simply order them to produce those files to her without requiring the waiver unless you've got some other basis for which you are not willing to produce the files. >> at least my concern with doing that is we can do that under the sunshine ordinance but because if you do that under the sunshine ordinance there is a waiver requirement. it sounds like it's better for her to get them through this non-task sunshine mean. >> i will accept that. >> it sounds li
questions and thank you very much for your time. [applause] >> so alice, do you tell them in the materials what to do, how to speak up? >> we do. that is thanks again to the advisors and worked with stephanie who is one of the folks instrumental in crafting the stop bullying. goff program and at the time we started it was the only program i could find with longitudinal research that demonstrated efficacy and we offer kids tactics they could use and one is who is the trusted adult? one is -- i'm not -- i'm preaching to the choir here. one is when the bullying is over and go up to the kids targetd and say "nice jacket". you don't have to say "sit with me at lunch" but do some gesture and if you can say "i'm sorry that happened to you" and if you are comfortable enough during the bullying and say "this is not what we do here and take the target and walk away with them and we crafted the program with those in schools and we were gratified. to a point that cape up earlier and research this spring and the thing that hit me and we launched in 2010 so we're going on the third school year wit
locally and organic into the picture. we do not know if alice waters has been told but the restaurant manager is here on the scene. san jose police have made an arrest in the murder of a man reported missing two weeks ago. what is bizarre is where any found the body. the man vanished from a senior apartments on february 18. police checked his apartment then but did not find him. the investigation brought them back to the apartment yesterday and that is when and where they discovered his body. he was stabbed. investigators and a close friend wonder how he got there. >> the police came a month ago and they could not find him and now they find him? you cannot overlook a body the. >> he obviously wasn't here. the fact he turned up here again is something we will have to put back together like a puzzle. place will only say they are confident they have the right person in the custody for the murder. >> santa cruz begins the slow process of healing after saying goodbye to two police officers killed in the line of duty. thousands gathered for an emotional memoria
banished from it. what's it like. we'll be asking. >>> the wonderful alice smith will be here live. she'll be here in studio 57 for us later this morning. but we begin with the deadly violence in afghanistan. that attack in kabul was one of two that happened overnight. the second took place a short time later in the eastern city. at least 18 people were killed in two attacks. as we said the taliban claims responsibility for the kabul bombing calling it a message for defense secretary chuck haig whole's in the capital. charlie d'agata is also there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, anthony. yes, the suicide bomber that struck here in kabul this morning struck outside the afghan ministry of defense. it's a few blocks from where the defense secretary was. we felt here that he and those traveling with him were taken to a shelter until the all clear. afghan military officials say just after 9:00 a.m. local time a suicide bomber on a bicycle rode up to within 30 yards of the main gate of the ministry before blowing himself up. gunfire
right now, but i'm just glad no one was in the building. >> reporter: world famous chef alice waters got a look at the fire damage at chez panisse firsthand. >> the extent of the damage is really the front porch, which, of course was built from the very beginning by beautiful woodworkers and so it's a very historic piece that has -- that has disappeared. >> reporter: overnight smoke and flames poured from the front and side of the popular berkeley restaurant. firefighters knocked it down quickly and pointed out the good fortune of a well-placed sprinkler. >> had it not been for that single sprinkler, we probably would have had significantly greater amount of damage. >> reporter: water, known for her california cuisine, said on the advice of a builder sherks had it installed. >> i didn't want any sprinklers because it would destroy the look of the downstairs. and he said, you know, it's all wood. and i'm going to build a light fixture around the sprinkler so that you won't notice it. >> reporter: she said there was a fire here in 1982, and this reminds her of that ordeal. once again picki
of the damage and what fire officials say may have saved the restaurant from being damaged entirely and alice waters, just arrived to survey the damage. >> partly to mostly clear conditions this morning with the rain ending and temperatures are cool today the we talking mid-50's at our coast, to the lower 60's in our warmest locates with a warming trend for the weekend and beyond with that for you after the break. >> we go live, now, to the abc7 news traffic center to the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights are on but you can see a minor backup here, friday lite, and we have an update on the situation westbound 24 in oakland with early metal debris and a new accident in >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy friday at 6:30. we made it through the week. it feels great. we are following our breaking news from berkeley. the chez panisse has had a fire. but, first the dry conditions. >> the rain is over. good morning, everyone, you can see live doppler 7 hd and the national weather service radar and the rain shifted south and an the bay, today, at the coast it
of california cuisine but tonight is close. the famed berkeley restaurant that is owned by legendary chef alice waters whose fans include foodies, famed olympians and even the first lady of the united states. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez spoke with the chef today about the damage done and what comes next. she joins us live with the latest. jodi? >> reporter: alice waters says she'll do all she can to reopen her beloved restaurant as quickly as possible. tonight demolition crews are already here cleaning and boarding up the restaurant. well, the owner makes plans are for the restaurant's future. >> people like to sit there for their birthdays and anniversaries. >> reporter: an emotional alice waters says she is crushed. the front of her world famous restaurant is in charred ruins. fire broke out under the porch of the downstairs dining room at about 3:00 this morning. destroying the restaurant's facade. >> it's no longer there. it's gone. it's a piece of art that has been taken. >> reporter: firefighters say they're still trying to pinpoint the exact cause but say their primary focus is electri
of the early morning fire at the famed "chez panisse". the restaurant is now closed. but, chef alice waters tells kron 4's justine waldman. the restaurant will reopen. alice waters says information about reopening >> this fire was believed to start with an electrical problem. the bulk of this space including the kitchen is fine. >> the rest of the building is in very good shape the beams, the construction will allow us to open the cafe as quickly as we can. i am hoping within the next week. >> a berkeley icon that since 1971. dozens stopped by the restaurant to see the damage. >> we came from las vegas just a couple of hours ago the plan was to have lunch here. now we are going to have to find something else is horrible! >> is a berkeley institution not only is a hugely locally important but this restaurant is known to of the world. >> the sprinkler system saved the structure from burning to the ground. as they figure out how to move on a she is determined to make the top restaurants in the world better than before. >> i feel like a little part of the has burned down. but it is something th
was all but born is shut down tonight. fire has left this restaurant closed and co-founder alice water ins tears. 7 news reporter wayne freidman has the story. >> outside the restaurant, this would have been a special day for she and her husband. >> he's park. >> husband is parking. >> yes. >>reporter: doesn't know yet. >> no. >>reporter: the early morning fire at this fable restaurant surprised a lot of people none more than owner and chef alice waters. >> i'm heart broken. >>reporter: fire investigators believe it started in an electrical box beneath historic artist wooden front porch. flames soared as high as the second level 12 feet up but single sprinkler kept them from spreading. >> it's a miracle that that really the beam to the upstairs are intact. >>reporter: alice waters is world famous. the queen of california cuisine who has cooked for presidents. influenced generation of chefs. the good news in this trauma upstairs dining room remains mostly intact. she hopes to have it open sooner rather than later but certainly not this wean. >> she'll be back. it's a bumper is w
' names are henry and alice. we don't have a picture of them, but these random tortoises like like they might be in the throws themselves although i'm not sure they're doing it right. anyway, look, henry wanted to get a little something something from alice and in his state of excitement, he knocked over his own heating lamp which set fire to wood chips and the room subsequently burst into flames, also burning down the garage. the owners say henry had just come out of hibernation. i didn't know tortoises were so into morning sex, but don't say the ridiculist never taught you anything. thankfully, the tortoises' owners escaped safely, but sadly, like a tiny reptilian romeo and juliet, henry and alice perished in the flames. believe it or not, this isn't the only story of tortoise intimacy that has come across our collective desk lately. just last month, a london zoo tried to put a pair of tortoises in the mood to make sweet, sweet reptilian love to each other by bringing in what else? a french pianist. ♪ ♪ >> chariots of fire theme, really? that was supposed to get them in the m
is ywam. it is on 357 alice street. >> it is what? >> 357 alice. >> ellis. >> ellis. >> yeah. >> those are from the around the country, and the world and they get together and they walk around in the tender loin area and help the homeless and try to feed them and on the cold and give them blanket and that nature. >> educate the children from under the country. >> there are really not a lot of residents. >> but there may not be a lot of residents right directly there, but there are some residents and the tender loin is full and i mean full of community organizations and i know many of them and i have never heard of city impact or the 357 ellis. so, i will check those out. and they were, i don't see it here, but i had asked for you to get the community organizations to sign-off after you had done the out reach to them. >> if you want them to sign the form? >> no i have not. but i have the name and number if you like. >> okay. >> and another one is the building, the building that they are trying to build a school in the city, for the third one, this will be the third one, so i got the thi
of something like this and that's where we are. >> alice, i respect your opinion. the people who don't disagree with you are the editors of the "washington post" because when they were faced with the question of moving the goal posts and what to do with that claim, they felt it was opinion, and they took bob woodward who we all know is a longtime reporter and they took that opinion and put it in the opinion section where it belongs. it is an opinion, and we can debate the opinion. the problem here, and i think why woodward got so upset, he got confused about whether he wanted to make factual claims or opinions and he got into it deep with the white house. i do agree we should get back to the focus here which is looking at the effect of these spending cuts and how to deal with them and not just the local celebrity fight. >> his factual claim -- the factual claim about the fact that obama was the originator of the sequestration and also the fact the thing that made david axelrod so mad is revenues were not originally part of the sequestration conversation and now it is. no one raised quite as muc
it right and if i leave you with that thought that alice is doing is broadcasting this idea of you speak up when you see bullying occur, and what we're doing is taking the power of our platform that reaches almost a billion people what you all with us need to do is come up with programs that enable that to happen. this is the most inspiring thing i have seen and we need to replicate that in every high school around the world. >> i don't know if adults can do it. i think we have to create the space. we have to give them space to do it themselves somehow. i don't know. maybe it's a school climate thing. it's a conversation that we need to have. moving on to officer holly lawrence. her work is so inspiring to me. i read a story in texas and expulsions and suspensions are a direct pipeline to the juvenile justice system and the punitive approach doesn't fix anything. i can happily point you to that study and makes cases against that school discipline, but holly has come up with a really wonderful solution within law enforcement that we would love you to talk about and it's preventive a
. this restaurant is well known for its use of local organic foods. its co-owner alice waters works with the first lady trying to bring sustainable food to schools in the country. it's well known here. we'll have more information in the next half hour. and we will be able to bring that to you soon. back to you. >> thank you. >>> in san jose, a final salute to two fallen heroes. a sea of uniformed officers stood in silence outside hp pavilion to honor the santa cruz police detective kill in the line of duty last week. thousands of mourners paid their respects. >> we gather to remember a mother, partner, an inspiration to all of us. we gather to remember a father, a husband, a mentor, and a friend. >> santa cruz police sergeant lauren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler were killed last month investigating a sexual assault. >>> while thousands of police officers were at the memorial in san jose, some criminals saw an opportunity to strike. just minutes after most of the region's law enforcement officers drove to san jose three armed men rob
a couple of white t-shirts in their wardrobe. come out, alice. >> this is alice, one of our lucky staffers. this is from the g.a.p., a v-neck and we put it on her backwards because it gives it a sexier neckline. what we did to jazz it up was give her this skirt, $99, fun black and white. >> that's a must have for the closet, right? >> it is. a red bag like that really brightens everything up. a great pair of funky shoes keeps it edgy and the white t-shirt is no longer a casual jeans look, interyou can go out to brunch, a meeting. >> quickly, last but not least, the pencil skirt. carey, come out. >> i love this look. a pencil skirt, a lot of women do have. we want to give it that downtown edgy feel and added this sham bray shirt, a must have, from american eagle under $45. if you don't have one, this is $25 at jc penney, love the metallic heels. >> thanks, ladies, come back out really quickly once again. still to come, you look wonderful. still to come this morning, buying in bulk, is it really a bargain? first these messages. ♪ hey, sis! yeessss? where you hidin' your moist wipes? oh, i
concerns that they had. also we addressed some of the administrative concerns that alice and her partner had suggesting that this page should be in front of this page and this back at the back of this page. and nothing that had a legitimate concerns about what is being built under this roof deck expansion permit and so if you have specific questions, i will be happy to answer them. if you would like to see any of the detail that has been provided mr. fips is here with the plans and if you would like to corroborate and i do not speak for mr. sanchez, but i invite you to do that as well. if you go back and look at the appeal. just the preliminary appeal, back on december fifth and that is going to cause the project owner he could potentially lose the builder because there is no work that could be done there, he has to go to a job to do work and might be available to come back once this is hashed out. so i really imp lore you to look at the merits and i appreciate the concern of looking at every nook and cranny. there is somewhere to meet before they can shanghai and hold hostage a property
to and concerned about the people who will be impacted. why alice cares because she lives two buildings away. she does not live in the building that is adjacent and she would have to be on the roof to have any sort of visual impact to the deck that we have or the deck that we would have. >> okay. >> i actually have a question. >> the zoning administrator mentioned a proposal on your part to provide some kind of security, could you tell me what that is >> a fence? >> we are proposing to put up a full height steel gate that will prevent anyone from gaining access. even though... >> on the second floor landing of the stair leading to the third level deck. but please keep in mind that no one can gain access to this backyard any way. there is a door that is locked at the passage way. >> i'm not really following. why would you put in a security door or a gate? >> i am not understanding that. >> that would prevent anyone from gaining access. it was a prowler that the appellant was mentioning that she perceived that a prowler could gain access to this backyard and climb the stairs and jump on to the roof
in san francisco. last year we co-hosted a forum with the alice b. toklas foundation and the nightlife spaces that currently exist on 11th tv all of the existing spaces catered to the lgbt community and at least two of those clubs are queer-owned entertainment venues. i think everyone deep down knows this would create conflicts between residents and businesses that we don't need to actually have. and we can avoid by ensuring that 11th street entertainment is supported in not allowing new residential units on that street. and i would love to see the opportunity for new businesses that can highlight queer entertainers and queer culture to be able to open along folsom street in this plan, further from a small business perspective, i would like to see south of market businesses to have limited live permits throughout south of market. thank you for all the work done on the plan. i look forward to it. >> thank you, mr. temprano. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is ross levy. i'm an architect working at 7th and folsom on a project. i appreciate all the work that has gone into the pl
their job when they get into situations like this. tavis: i had alice on my radio program, and we had a spirited conversation about our disagreement. they disagree about one fundamental issue, and i want to get your take on this. it is not just the two of them. there are many of us whether or not the time is right for deficit reduction there are a lot to think the president has sold out by going so far into this conversation in a horrible economy. krugman would argue this is not the time to talk about deficit reduction. where did you come on that debate? >> i think there are things we could do that would not increase the deficit problems. i wrote in "the new york times" this week where i argued key areas would be tax reform, a lot of which benefit upper-income people for no good reason, the lower rates we applied to investment income. i think having tax reform would get our economy going. it would be done in a way to reduce revenues and lower rates for everyone by getting rid of these loopholes. i think it would help get the economy going, which would produce more revenues. another ar
. alice con is from cartoon network. dave steer to her right is from facebook and next to him is officer holly lawrence, sunny valley of public safety, digital safety program and she's going to talk about which is a powerful thing going national. and next -- is brian here? no. okay. all right. so we're all set and mia i would like you to enlighten us more in all that you're doing in social emotional learning. >> sure. i had some slides but i'm not sure -- no, we have a handout that went around to you and more detail about what social emotional learning is because i think we rise a little bit today and i came from seattle and i know many people have brought up that term today and i get the sense from this group that you're at kind of a high level of discourse and you have a general understanding. could i see a show of hands for those of you that social emotional learning is a familiar term? and those that feel you have a deep understanding of it? okay. great. thank you. i want to introduce myself a little more so you have the context of what i do. i work for a nonprofit in seattl
a record high on tuesday. financial alice a. companies are under little pressure to raise salaries thanks to gains in productivity and millions still out of work. >> what we see happening is that the wealthiest individuals are getting much wealthier, but they're not bringing along the middle class like we have seen in past expansions. >> some americans believe government overspending is the problem. >> the notion that the government can cut spending is a pink ribbon-effects have been widely overstated by those in the media and those on various sides of various issues, including the administration. >> the opposing views cannot be further apart. with more jobs expected to be lost as a result of budget cuts, corporate profits expected to keep rising, and the gap between rich and poor is only expected to increase. al jazeera reporting from new york. >> malaysian soldiers have increased their search for a group of armed filipinos in an eastern state. 13 gunman were killed when the military launched a ground and air offensive on tuesday. but much of the group appears to have escaped the air str
's opening the doors, going through alice's looking glass. they suddenly realize that there is something on the other side. >> it is a public school. so they are not getting, you know, a lot of funds that a private school would get so it's amazing they still have these programs, not to mention, you know, we were talking about the connection with the industry professionals, they get a lot of stuff donated to them. >> and what's so great is they are growing up in the silicon valley. they are so close, you know, that might translate into a job down the road or some mentors or people they are going to meet. >> yeah. these guys already know what they want to do which is amazing. >>> all right. so what is cool about your school? you can submit your nomination on our website, and we may come out and feature your school right here on our show. >>> coming up, this is pretty cool. another last-second thriller between the kings and the warriors. we'll highlight that. >> plus, talk about improvising. how a pitcher managed to get th
. >> reporter: you have had a lot of support out here. that is alice waters who is the founder, executive chef and author and well known around the world for her work in the kitchen and for this restaurant. kind enough to join us this morning as she goes over and talks to the many who showed up for work today. obviously a very emotional. part of her feels like it burned down but look agent the silver lining, thinking it may be sooner than later that she reopens at least the cafe portion. she said she may make the front porch a little bigger now that she has the opportunity to do that but emotional for her as she surveys the damage and thinks about what's next. live in berkeley. >> all right. the clock is ticking in san jose for dozens of homeless people. the city plans to clear out a homeless camp and force the people out. we are live at the camp on spring street. >> reporter: there is a lot of movement out here. a man just walked up. homeless man. he packed up all of his stuff in this grocery cart. you can see also, in this tent and camp behind me they have their tent up but they are packing
. >> you mention the importance of chez panisse in the culinary world, owner alice waters is considered a pioneer in modern california cuisine and the organic food movement. her foundation created the edible school yard program at berkeley's martin luther king middle school and advocates for healthy school lunches and convinced first lady michelle obama to plant a garden. >> violence in oakland with federal, state, and local law enforcement spanning now a surprising series of arrests. you saw it here first on abc7 news. our reporter has been in oakland all morning and amy, you have the latest? >> information is still coming in, kristen, but at this hour they have arrested 12 people. they went out looking for some of the most violent offenders in oakland, and these are people wanted for felony, some even for murder. police took this ak-47 out of an oakland home during an early morning raid involving 14 law enforcement agencies including u.s. marshals. >> it is one of the largest sweeps we have done with the help of our federal partners. it is probably the first time that i can recall whe
restaurant. alice waters had a message for long time fans of the restaurant. >> we are not going any where. we are not going any where. it's just a question of time. >> reporter: a fire broke out at the restaurant around 3:00 this morning. investigators say it started underneath the building. >> the location where the fire appeared to have originated. there's some electrical equipment there. >> the damage inside is minimal. mostly smoke and some broken windows. waters hopes to have the cafe open in a matter of weeks. >> we'll paint the whole interior. we'll make -- we'll make the repair that is we have wanted to make for a long time. >> reporter: for locals and long time loyalists a reopening can't come soon enough. >> and it's more than the restaurant that it's a whole food movement. >> reporter: waters is considered one of the leaders of the organic and local food movement. she is also credited with encouraging first lady michelle obama to plant an organic garden at the white house. waters says she is moved by the outpouring of support following the fire. >> it deeply touches me. i care
this morning. a famous owner alice waters is hoping to be back in business in the next week or so. john alston is live in berkeley with the latest. >> workers knocked off an hour ago. we heard hammers and saws instead of the unusual bustling kitchen and dinner conversation. he serves about 400 to 500 customers every day. and many of them got calls saying they would make other plans tonight. instead of delighting the friday night dinner crowd it was an off limits construction zone. they were boarding up windows and shoring up the foundation. among the disappointed was jaime drake who planned to have her birthday dinner here tonight. >> we had reservations a month ago, and the reservations are tough to get. >> what better place to go for your birthday? that was the plan. we were lucky we live down the street. we will come back. >> the fire started just after 3:00 in the morning. the apparent cause is a fault electrical box under the front porch. the main dining room is fine thanks to a sprinkler system. the front porch and ground floor will need repair work. they are the most famous along gourme
the fire from spreading to the rest of the building. owner alice waters hopes to reopen next weekend. an attorney representing an austistic 5 year-old says the boy's family is filing a civil suit after charges were dropped against a special education teacher -- who had been accused of abusing her students. alexia bogdis worked at roosevelt elementary school in redwood city, when she was arrested back in 2012. the autistic child's father says the abuse allegations came from a handful of teachers aides, who ended up losing their jobs but the district attorney now says those aides have "backed off" what they told detectives originally, forcing him to drop charges. in national news. the u-s government reported that 236-thousand jobs were added in february. this means the economy has been adding jobs for three straight years now. that good news was joined with a drop in unemployment. from 7-point-9 percent to 7- point-7 percent. both figures were better than economists had predicted. however the president warns against high hopes. until the automatic cuts are implemented.starting april 1s
perry bacon is here, and democratic strategist chris scopenas and alice stewart. alice, i want to start with you, because it shows how elevators make for strange riding mates. there is senator rand paul and jacques mccain standing awkwardly in the elevator as they ride together. what do you make on the heels of the filibuster that mccontained took the floor, and now they have to figure out this rift. it is perception being reality, a rift. >> well, you look at the photo, and all you can think is uncomfortable, but the trust is, when mccain and graham spoke out, they were concerned about whether or not this led to some fearmongering or scare tactics. the sad thing is we had to do this to get a simple answer to a simple question to eric holder -- will the administration use drones to kill american citizens? it should have been a simpler no, and it took us 24 hours to get there. the fact is republicans are united, and the concern about transparency and the administration's use of drones and lack of transparency with benghazi, and the fiscal cliff -- >> why did they ask for the clarificatio
panisse. the world renowned alice water restaurants could have been saved by what appears to be one small sprinkler at the front of the restaurant. we will show you the video from the last half hour, if we still have it...okay, great, thank you. you can see there is extensive damage to the front exterior of the building, just a small portion of a front dining room inside is damaged. other than that, berkeley fire says the restaurant didn't even suffer much smoke damage. it sounds like a miracle. the fire ignited below the restaurant in a subfloor basement as crewed call it. it did not spread in the main areas of restaurant and they believe the entire restaurant could be closed for weeks or months and now here is what berkeley fire tells abc7 news. >> i imagine the front portion of the restaurant could be closed for a little bit of time but it looks like the majority of the restaurant is still intact. any need the home department to make sure they are ready to serve food there. the fire did not spread to the neighboring buildings and the business manager is here. we do not know if alice wa
but it will be some time but the good news is that if you are a huge fan of alice waters it is not destroyed. they can rebuild. >> she is a pioneer cuisine director. she has one of the best restaurants in the world. >> a shooting victim is in the hospital this morning and now the search is on for a gunman in san francisco. police say, that two people were in the white car on the screen, when a suspect opened fire hitting the 30 year-old male passenger, and downtown san francisco near bryant street. the driver was not hit, and drove off looking for hospital. the driver is being questioned about what exactly that up to the shooting. off the suspect still was on the loose. >> sampras's go police are searching for two suspects who brought the house then fled across the bay bridge. authority say that two male suspects forced their way into a home in the 2100 block of 20 perry street in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. a rubber stamp is what the victim, to in iphone and ipad then fled the residence before police arrived. police were able to track the suspect's down on the bay bridge before the los
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